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Hello, dear Visitor!

On Thursday, 30th December 2010 I succeeded in updating my English homepage:-)
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http://www.gajek.de/ or http://www.gajek.de/english

What will you get here?

  • My page offers a collection of FAQs in German on mobile telephony,
    pagers and more for GSM network customers in Germany.
    English version is not available yet.
  • You may download the latest version of my FAQs in german language.
    The FAQ is compressed as a ZIP file. 7 Zip could be useful for it.

How did my career in wireless communication begin?
With CB Radio - which is - to be honest - an early form of the Internet :-)
See my (german) CB pages

Please send me e-mail if you enjoyed this page :-)

Thanks for your patience. That's all.

73 & 55

Henning Gajek

Thanks to for the correct translation of my page :-)

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