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Iridium ® is the brandname of Iridum Satellite LLC Saveiridium is a private initiative of enthusiasts. If you habe any questions to this page, please contact us. Thank you.
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    Iridium Network is full functional and available for Public use!

    Latest News:

    late 2005s Selenia Communications changed brand to Selex Communications.
    25th January 2005 Marconi-Selenia changed brand to Selenia Communications.
    19th June 2002 Eurockot launches two brandnew Iridium Satellites successfully
    2nd December 2001 Deutsche Telekom opens to Iridium again for 4.594 EUR/Minute
    23rd August 2001 German fixed networks open (e.g. BT Ignite 010-90)
    30th March 2001 Commercial Customers online again, since 2.00 pm (CST) / 20.00 GMT!
    23rd February 2001 Iridium Pricelists (Update!) (for Download) :-)
    09th January 2001 Iridium Homepage comes back again :-)
    19th December 2000 Official Announcement: "Iridium North America (offline)"
    12th December 2000 Iridium Press-Conference-Call: "Download (RTF)"
    01st November 2000 Motorola informs "Motorola's Iridium page (broken link)
    28th October 2000 Financial Times "Bankrupt Iridium set to be saved"
    27th October 2000 Financial Times Deutschland "Boeing rettet Satellitenhandy Iridium"
    16th October 2000 Iridium Homepage goes offline :-( (online again!) :-(
    01th September 2000 Iridium North America and Europe close down service (broken link) :-(
    01th June 2000 Even Castle Harlan Investors (Broken link!) could not save Iridium :-(
    19th May 2000 Investor group tried to save Iridium!
    03rd May 2000 Motorola still seeking for buyers! (Link expired)
    06th May 2000 Weekly Magazine DIE ZEIT reports about us (german)
    28th March 2000 German Newsmagazine SPIEGEL reports (link expired)
    26th March 2000 dpa Mobilfunk-Experten für Erhalt ...
    22th March 2000 "Folgen der Iridium Abschaltung (link expired)"
    21th March 2000"Iridium-Pleite gefährdet Expedition"
    18th March 2000 dpa zur Abschaltung des Iridium Netzes
    17th March 2000 Financial Times Deutschland "Nur ein tollkühner Investor kann Iridium jetzt noch vor dem endgültigen Aus retten"

    for more information about this project please contact
    Henning Gajek / Markus Weidner